Ladle - SandMan

Ladle - SandMan

In continuation of our strategy "The future is manless", the Ladle - SandMan is
another step in this direction

It addresses two fundamental priorities on every ladle of EAF and integrated

  1. Precise filling of the well block with well filler sand and therefore enabling a better opening rate.
  2. The filling of the well block is still done manually in most plants today and tracking for a process optimization is not possible without measurements.

This unique manipulator combines both of these aspects in a robust and space
saving design.

The Ladle - SandMan pushes safety forward tremendously by removing a dangerous
everyday task and keeping operators out of harm's way.


  • Automated filling process of well filler sand
  • Precise dosing
  • Exact placement of sand
  • Temperature measurement of ladle bottom
  • Visual camera inspection
  • Self-standing control cabinet with data recording
Ladle - SandMan @ BSW


  • Safe Operation from pulpit
  • No manual sand dropping -> improved ergonomics
  • Less sand consumption
  • Improved Opening rates -> no manual lancing -> no loss of sequence -> no downgrading
  • Process standardization leads to higher efficiency
  • Optimized positioning & tracking
  • Tracking and Analysis of potential errors


  • Installed in January 2021 at BSW
  • Well received by operators
  • Opening rate has increased from 93.5% to 99.5% so far
  • In 24hr Operation since March 2021
  • Total cycle time of 60 seconds
  • Instead of 20kg, only 15 kg of well filler sand needed (107t ladle)
    • Redcution by 25% well filler sand for each ladle
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