DC Online

DC Online
DC Online

With the DC Online system the operator receives basic information about operation and regulation behavior and it gives a tranparency of melting process.
Usually the DC Electrode Regulator is in most cases just a black box. The operator can set the setpoints but does not get an immediate response. 

The DC Online system is the solution for solving this issue. 


  • Online visualization in characteristic diagrams
  • Offline evaluation via an excel document
  • Continuous optimisation (e.g. check-up of power input)
  • Benchmark data definition for a good DC-furnace performance, e.g. to detect bad regulating performance (hydraulic/mechanic)
  • Assement of:
    • Deviation of setpoints
    • Regulating accurancy (distributions)
    • Firing angle / power factor (efficiency)
    • Regulating reserve of DC voltage
    • Efficiency of operating profile
DC Online


Optimization of 

  • Operation profile
  • Power-On time
  • kWh/t
  • Panel lifetime
  • Roof lifetime
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