ELARC System

ELARC System
ELARC System

Our ELARC Electrode Regulating System focuses on excellent power input, low setpoints deviation, and easy handling. 

High performance consistency and efficiency along with simple handling and reporting.


  • Regulation of power input
  • Controlling the arc in the EAF by determining a physical parameter and keeping it close to the set point value
  • Smart exception management: short circuit handling, heavy pieces detection, non-conductor management
  • Foamy slag indication by means of arc stability index
  • ELARC designed to provide best regulating performance and simple handling in terms of parameter tuning and current set point adjustment
  • Analysis of performance as an essential part of power input optimization with ELARC providing the required reporting and analysis tools
ELARC System


  • Best possible power input
  • ELARC keeps the current set point
  • Handling of the most difficult melting conditions and allowing a consistent power input
  • Made in Germany with the most reliable and simple hardware components
  • Designed for error-free long-term operation
  • Excellent reporting system for easy fine tuning and performance analysis
  • Multi language support


  • Running at BSW-Germany sine 2010
  • Up to 40 installations world wide 
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