Electric Arc Furnace Solutions

Electric Arc Furnace Solutions
Electric Arc Furnace Solutions

BSE provides mechanical and electrical engineering as well as hardware key components or complete furnaces of many types and operations. 


  • Power source: AC or DC
  • Operation: Single shell or twin shell
  • Charging: Single or multiple bucket
  • Tapping: EBT or spout 
  • Input material: all mixture of scrap, hot metal and DRI/HBI
  • Steel grades: All
  • Scope: Small revamps to complete new EAF
Electric Arc Furnace Solutions


  • Components and features designed from steelmakers for steelmakers – making operation easy, safe and efficient
  • Customized solutions
  • Heavy duty construction for long life and easy maintenance
  • Design for high productivity, performance and flexibility of input materials


  • More than 30 EAF/LF revamps worldwide
  • Several modification of both EAFs at BSW – Kehl Germany
  • Latest revamp:
    • Complete new EAF#1 at BSW installed in January 2022
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