Finite Network Method

Finite Network Method (FNM)
Finite Network Method

Electrical power supply is the engine of your furnace. Let BSE show you how to take  control of it!

BSE developed software for a precise calculation and simulation of high current systems, the Finite Network Method (FNM).


  • Detailed simulation of all electro-magnetic properties of EAF high current systems
  • Accurate simulation with a precision of less than 1 %; all other methods have error ranges >10 %
  • Simulation also for peripheral metallic structures where eddy currents are induced
  • Precise asymmetry calculation as the basis for good operational results
  • Optimization of existing and optimum design of new high current systems
FNM Electrodes


  • Exact dimensioning of components and optimum symmetry
  • Optimum design of system and equipment
  • Prevention of hot spots in the furnace
  • Balanced power input
  • Optimum material size and cooling


Hundreds of calculations for all applications such as EAF / LF projects, Arms, High Current Systems have been executed since over 10 years.

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