Fluid Dynamic Model

Fluid Dynamic Model
Fluid Dynamic Model

The Fluid Dynamic Model (FDM) study helps to understand and improve the building ventilation and working conditions.


  • Analysis tool to understand the building ventilation and to improve the working conditions
  • Using a scaled Plexiglas® replica of your melt shop gives an easy, accurate and economical way of simulating the inside shop conditions
  • Simulation of heat and dust sources, crane movements as well as wind loads
  • Exhaust points can easily be relocated, flow rates adjusted, and building geometry rapidly modified
Fluid Dynamic Model


  • Good way to understand melt shop evacuation parameters
  • Easy way to determine necessary flow rates
  • Partition- and curtain walls can easily be installed or modified
  • Canopy hood volume and geometry optimization
  • Local dust evacuation and capture
  • Plexiglas replica of the FDM can be reused 


  • Used for all BSW upgrades during the past 40 years
  • Execution of more than 70 FDMs
  • Customers are 100% satisified with the solutions 
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