High Temperature Quenching

High Temperature Quenching System
High Temperature Quenching

The High Temperature Quenching (HTQ) system provides most rapid off-gas cooling with highest efficiency.


  • Cooling down the off-gas from direct furnace evacuation by injection of atomized water into a water spray chamber
  • Variable regulation of the injected water into the HTQ
  • Increasing the efficiency of the off-gas system
  • Reduction of Dioxin / Furans emissions
  • Total level of organic compound emission to be reduced
  • Protecting the back house against peak temperatures
  • Injection of water and air, automatically controlled by a state-of-the-art valve rack
High Temperature Quenching System


  • Lower pressure drop in the DEC duct
  • Less water-cooled duct surface area required
  • Less dust deposit in the ducts
  • Elimination of tubular cooler and booster fans
  • Better bag house utilization by reduced and stable temperature
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Low operating costs


  • Operating at BSW since 1990
  • Over 30 installations world-wide
  • Improvment of the entire off-gas system 
  • Reduction of energy and increase of efficiency 
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