Mast Positioning System

Mast Positioning System
Mast Positioning System

The Mast Positioning System measures the position of each electrode mast position without conventional mechanical devices. 


  • Measuring the flow of the hydraulic fluid to the cylinders of each electrode mast. bidirectionally, accurately, and touch-free.
  • No sensitive mechanics and related maintenance.
  • Precise hydraulic flow meters feed the data to the data processing unit.
  • Real-time visualization, tracking and tracing of data. 
Mast Positioning System


  • Touch-free
  • Virtually maintenance- and wear-free
  • Highly dynamic and very precise
  • Additional control and evaluation possibilities
  • Installation location offers protection clean environment with easy access
  • Safety improvement and better ergonomics for staff
  • High lifetime


  • BSW uses such system since 2018
  • Will be implemented for each new EAF project  
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